Pray 365


ISBN: 978-1-7374561-2-4

Publication Date: 01/22/2022

Page Count: 250

Psalms are words that we need to echo as we meditate upon, pray out, declare, and repeatedly sing like a parrot. Words are powerful, and like David, we ought to sow scriptures with our mouths as believers. We are meant to imitate the Word of God just as a parrot imitates words and repeatedly makes use of words. The verses of the book of psalms are like seeds that everyone should continuously plant in their lives. The psalms are the extraordinary prayers, songs, hymns, and lamentations of king David who needed God’s dire help and deliverance at the time. Like a parrot, David never stopped using his mouth to communicate with God. All that was in his heart, he poured out to his father, and because of him, we have the chain-breaking powers and salvation invoking prayers from the book of psalms. I want to encourage you to pray in psalms. Psalm 143: 1 says: “Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness, come to my relief. Continue to Prophesy, declare the truth, and speak the words of prayers over your life at all times; like a parrot, continue to pray, use your tongue to fight battles effortlessly, and you will see that you’ll conquer just as king David did. I urge you to be a spiritual parrot.