About Rev. Ronnie Paul N

Lead Pastor - Relentless Church

Rev. Ronnie Paul N serves as the Lead Pastor of Relentless Church, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is an accomplished international ministry leader and founder of the highly esteemed Prayer Agent ministry. This ministry serves the church by producing and distributing prayer resources, and also hosts weekly global prayer forums. In 2003, Rev. Ronnie co-founded Tender Mercies Foundation, which has provided vital support to vulnerable children and women. This foundation has been instrumental in rescuing over 1,200 children from the streets and providing them with a home, education, and career opportunities.

Rev. Ronnie brings a unique combination of education and experience to his role as Lead Pastor. He holds a Master’s in Cybersecurity from MIT, a Bachelor’s in Leadership and Management from Regent University, and an Associate’s in Health Management from the University of District of Colombia in Washington, DC. His diverse background has equipped him to publish and proclaim principles that promote Christian discipline, endurance, and deliverance.

An accomplished author and publisher, Rev. Ronnie has edited more than 150 books, including the widely acclaimed “Prayer Commentary on every prayer in the Bible”. He has also helped renowned authors publish and market their books, some of which have become New York Bestsellers.

Alongside his wife, Regina, an accomplished author and screenwriter, they are proud parents of two daughters, Reagan and Richelle. Together, they reside in Virginia Beach, USA. To connect with Rev. Ronnie, please email him at ronnie@relentlessc.org