Pray 365


ISBN: 978-1-7374561-8-6

Publication Date: 2022-02-02

Page Count: 150

What better way to express your love for someone than by giving them something that shows that you genuinely love them? This is where beautiful and bloomy flowers become of great use; flowers represent love and affection in a way that is sometimes better than words. The greatest of all flowers was given to us when one man decided to sacrifice His life and die for our sins. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the greatest act of love there ever is. He willingly died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven and our prayers could be heard. God loved us so much that he wanted to give us salvation and redemption by all means. We now know that He has already given us total freedom, access to Him, and redemption against all our sins at all times. It is in accordance with this love that He calls us. He compels us to love the world, love our neighbors, and love Him too, as much as He loves us. By doing so, we can come to Him at any time, offer our prayers and seek forgiveness, and He shall hear us and accept our prayers and requests because He loves us. These prayers will inspire you to love unconditionally and tap into the heartbeat of God to reach this hurting world.