Pray 365


ISBN: 978-1-7374561-9-3

Publication Date: 2022-02-02

Page Count: 150

The woodpecker must persistently peck at the wood because its means of survival comes by feeding off the insects hidden within the tree. This bird will spend a good amount of time consistently pecking its beak through the trees; whatever is trapped between them goes down its belly. This depicts how the life of a believer should be when searching for the bread of life. By the bread of life, this doesn’t mean literal bread or food, the bread of life is God’s life-sustaining provision. This is the key element of survival; without the bread of life, we would just be roaming aimlessly, and all we do will be futile because they are for earthly purposes, and they will come to an end one day. Our search for the bread of life should be persistent; that way, God will eagerly give them to us. If we are not persistent like the woodpecker, we might not find what we are searching for. God wants us to be determined and focused on getting all the benefits we want to receive from Him, because the devil will take advantage of a mind that is not fully set on God. Therefore we should pray persistently and put our complete trust in God, and He will faithfully grant us the bread of life.