Pray 365


ISBN: 978-0-9863724-8-3

Publication Date: 2022-01-22

Page Count: 140

The giraffe is an animal that can reach high things. The giraffe signifies length, tallness, or an ability to take from a high place. How does this relate to us as Christians? God is capable of taking every man to a higher place, placing things that far above our reach, within our grab, or putting us on a high pedestal where we can grab them. In other words, we can aim high just as a giraffe does. When we pray, we are elevated to new dimensions, and as we continue to do so, we operate in divine realms where mysteries and revelations are birthed. The higher we get through faith and prayer, the higher we become spiritually and more connected to God. And when we are close to God, we are closer to His plan and design for our lives. We, believers, are like giraffes because we eat through the Holy Spirit; giraffes do not need to pick at the floor as other animals do, and so do we.