Pray 365


ISBN: 978-0-9863724-7-6

Publication Date: 01/22/2022

Page Count: 150

With every tick of the clock going every hour, minute, and second, it’s just as the saying goes; “time waits for no man.” Time recognizes no man on earth, and it does not give any preferential treatment to anyone no matter how important; time doesn’t wait for any of us. Only Joshua was able to stop time when he commanded the sun to stand still. These prayers will dare you to pray for the impossible. Only God controls time. As you pray these prayers, you will not miss your moment. If you have been delayed, you will not be denied. Whatever you do with your time matters, and how you use your time should be distinctive. Whatever God might lead you to do, pray that He will be done in your life as you strive to spend every moment in obedience to His voice. The way you spend every waking hour is what makes you significant in the eyes of God, and this is why your time isn’t all about existing but about living. Living for the acknowledgment of God is truly living.